#3 - Really Funny People

There are some really funny people out there, and many of them are stand-up comedians. But, why are these guys so funny, and what makes them so successful? In this episode we look at the stuff that makes comics the hilarious people they are.

The benefits of humour by Psych Today

A Complete History of Stand Up Comedy in America by Stu Melton

Bob Hope

Rodney Dangerfield on The Ed Sullvian Show

Don Rickles & Pres. Reagan

George Carlin on the planet

Chevy Chase & Richard Pryor - SNL sketch

Jerry Seinfeld rips Larry King

Talking Funny - HBO

Norm Macdonald’s long joke

Norm battleaxe joke

Sebastian Maniscalco

Bill Burr on Conan

More Bill Burr

Louis C.K. on SNL

Jerry Seinfeld on colleges

The “offensive” Jerry Seinfeld

Louis C.K., Of Course

John Mulaney opening

Rory Scovel

Bo Burnham

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